Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wild Cherry Clafoutis

When I saw Giuletta’s Cherry Clafoutis a few weeks ago, I bookmarked it because I knew I just had to try this with my wild cherries. We have two trees that produce these cherries and the birds actually allow us to share these. They are a little too sour to eat bowls full but they make really good pies. I’m always looking for new ways to make use of them in desserts and there in front of me was a recipe begging to be tried out. It turned out to be one of my messiest baking experiences ever but the result was worth repeating (without the mess next time).
The Ingredients
600 grams cherries washed and pitted
3 eggs
100 grams sugar
Pinch of salt
Drop of vanilla essence
150 ml milk
1 tbsp of rum
90 grams all purpose baking flour
butter to grease baking pan
The Cooking method
So here is where things went a little different from the way they should have.

I used these freshly picked wild cherries which are extremely juicy. So to remove some of their liquid I first washed and pitted them, then I placed them in a bowl with about two tablespoons of sugar and mixed them well. The sugar releases some of the juices and produces about a glass of cherry juice (don’t throw that away, chill and drink, it’s delicious) and this leaves the cherries with a manageable amount of liquid.
In the meantime I prepared the batter as Giulietta described in her blog. That is :
  1. Place the sugar, a pinch of salt and the eggs in a bowl and beat well until the liquid doubles in volume (use an electric whisk) … I beat a little extra.
  2. Add the vanilla and flour and mix in gently with a wooden spoon.
  3. Slowly add the milk and rum
Now here is where I messed up. First let me say that Saturday was a very hot day around here … I blame that for the brain working at half capacityJ. I used a cake tin (yes the type that comes apart into two pieces. Greased the bottom, sprinkled with sugar, placed my cherries and started pouring the liquid.
Oops …. This was a little two liquid for this cake tin …. I was supposed to use a one piece mold.
So I quickly tried to save the situation and turned what was left of my cherry and batter mix into a quiche dish (I had lost about one quarter of the batter by then)
OK the hubby loved this one and thought that it was just the right amount of batter. It was really good, but given the mishaps I am not sure I can reproduce the exact quantities again.
I baked it at 360  degrees Fahrenheit for about 55 minutes.

From My Backyard
The backyard is alive and well. This week we picked the first Santa Rosa plums. They were simply delicious!

As for the wildlife, it doesn't get much wilder. Take a look at this bat who made its home inside our umbrella!

Some of my favorite flowers have blossomed so beautifully too.


  1. Noooooooo, I'm so sorry about what happened with the clafoutis, but the result seems awesome, really!
    And I'm happy you liked it!

  2. Yum! This sounds so wonderful. I love cherries this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You're so lucky to have cherry trees! I'm a big cherry fan and love clafoutis...your version sounds delicious (especially with that little dash of rum)!

  4. First, I'm loving the shot of the flowers! Gladiolas? I used to grow them but have sort of forgotten about then in the past few year.
    The cherries are really coming in at our local markets and I've been so tempted to buy more than I need. Next time I will with good reason! This one is printed and sitting on top of the pile!

  5. We all have our mishaps in the kitchen. Luckily our families are more forgiving and would gladly eat any misshapen food we produce, right?

  6. Your clafoutis looks perfect, Chris! I guess the messy baking experience you had is worth it! :)

  7. Chris.... you are not alone! I'm not sure if you read my post on Giulia's cherry clafoutis on my blog, but I did EXACTLY the same thing on my first trial. I don't bake (I mean, I'm not a baker) and when I saw Giulia's mold, I thought oh I have the same one. Yes, 2 piece mold. I had no idea that was for pie or some kind of crust, and I did the same mistake!!! So my first trial came out very thin. My 2nd trial was just perfect...and that was the post I posted. See, I had to make 2 times because the first picture didn't show what it was supposed to be.... Yours look great!!! You saved quick enough. ;-)

  8. Did I see Rum? Wow nice job lovely post!

  9. What a lovely recipe and beautiful photos too!

  10. Gosh, you are so lucky to have all those lovely cherries (ours were ALL eaten by the birds this year) and they are so vibrant, too. Love the look of the clafoutis with the colours. You also have plums in your garden? Flowers also look gorgeous!

  11. What a gorgeous dessert. It really looks wonderful and with those ingredients it can't help but be delicious. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  12. This is such a creative dessert! Love the flavors and just printed this out for my own use, can't wait to try it! :)

  13. Your cherry clafoutis looks delicious and even better that it came from cherries from your own trees-- that must be wonderful! Enjoying seeing all of the pictures of the harvest from your backyard!!

  14. This looks so good. I love the idea of keeping the cherry juice to drink, sounds delicious. All the stuff your getting from your garden is making me awful jealous. I've got lots of bits but wish I had more fruit.

  15. Beautiful wild cherries & plums from your garden Chris! How I wish we could always plant all these in Singapore!
    Although with a little mistake but your Clafoutis still turned out looking so yummy! ^.^

  16. It looks lovely and I'm so glad you were able to recover from the mishap. Your photos are wonderful and make me want to try this.I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  17. We all make mistakes. Dessert looks wonderful.

  18. Great save on this! And wonderful recipe...I would love to have fresh cherries in my yard, and so lucky that the birds share :)
    Hope you have a great weekend

  19. Despite a few bumps, this looks like a fabulous dessert! Cooking is always a learning experience.

  20. How nice of the birds! You have kind birds. My birds never leave any strawberries for us :( This look fabulous! No wonder you couldn't not want to bake it!

  21. It must be wonderful to have all of the beautiful nature right in your backyard. The Cherry dessert looks delicious as I am sure it was. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

  22. thank you for sharing the mishap, now it saves me from comitting it. Im not much of a baker although there has been baking trials and mishaps too, now this saves me one less mishap haha. But hey there's a reason for it, it looks perfect with less batter!
    Have a great Monday!

  23. Beautiful pictures, Chris! Cherries are my favorite. This recipe looks so pretty and summery!


  24. What a lovely dessert and how lovely to have cherry trees! I just discovered your blog - I'm your newest follower :)

  25. I've never tasted wild cherries; how lucky for you to have them and to enjoy them! What a lovely clafoutis, and with a spike of rum -- genius! Thanks for sharing on Fresh Food Friday/Seasonal Saturday, too!

  26. Your birds are a lot nicer and share. I have very greedy birds who want my whole crop. The dessert is lovely.

  27. This tart looks fantastic. Organic fruits from our garden are always the best choice!

  28. Hi Chris, gorgeous clafoutis. Love the touch of rum in the batter. Your back yard sounds like an interesting place. I've heard of bats in the belfry but never in the umbrella :)

  29. che bella e che buona deve essere!!!


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